VALORANT Betting Guide
& Betting Sites

Here we have VALORANT, one of the amazing and latest releases by Riot Games. It’s a free-to-play shooting game, released in April 2020. Initially, it began a close beta period with limited access but has since been fully released on June 2, 2020.

VALORANT Betting Guid -& Betting Sites

VALORANT is as exciting as any other game by Riot Games. This game is an incredible blend of aspects from games like CSGO, Overwatch, and R6S.

It’s a 5v5 round-based first-person game. There’s a maximum of 25 rounds, and the first side to cross the 13 rounds mark will win the game.

How to bet on VALORANT

VALORANT is new and exciting gameplay, but it’s already very popular. It is one of the best and latest esports game by Riot Games. As of now, betting on VALORANT is quite rare however it’s still possible. Even though this game just cleared its beta phase, we already have the VALORANT Ignition Series. This means that if you want to bet on VALORANT Ignition Series, all you have to do is find the correct betting provider for you.

According to Riot Games, the game was created keeping the community in the forefront. Considering that VALORANT is a thrilling esports game with an impressive gameplay experience, it’s ready to rock the betting industry.

Betting Sites

Undoubtedly, this game is a great addition to the esports scene and will be a super hit in the betting industry.

Do you want to bet, and looking for the best websites available? Then a few popular betting sites are available. Yes, you can easily bet on VALORANT at platforms including such as:

Payment methods
Master Card Litecoin iDebit
Games Offered
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League Of Legends Call Of Duty Dota 2 VALORANT
Payment methods
Master Card VISA Neteller
Games Offered
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League Of Legends Dota 2 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Overwatch
Payment methods
Master Card VISA Skrill
Games Offered
Dota 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League Of Legends Call Of Duty FIFA 22
Payment methods
Master Card VISA Skrill
Games Offered
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dota 2 League Of Legends Overwatch PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Payment methods
VISA Ethereum DOGE Coin
Games Offered
League Of Legends Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dota 2 Call Of Duty Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Make sure to bet on VALORANT at reputed & reliable esports betting platform only. If you go for average betting sites, then surely esports will not be more than boring sports for you due to the poor experience with those sites.

When opting for one of the VALORANT betting sites, explore its payment options. There’s should be plenty of deposit and withdrawal options for a player. Generally, top betting sites have several payment methods including Skrill, Neteller, Visa card, Debit card, and several other.

VALORANT odds & bets

Once a first real event arrives, you’ll be able to bet on VALORANT. Since it’s already a very popular esports game, all of the betting sites will be quick to persuade both recreational and seasoned bettors.

When the real events are organized, you’ll find high-quality odds. Because it’s a new game, there will be fewer bettors, higher winning odds, and higher profits as well.

Understanding VALORANT

Before you bet on any game, you must learn about the game. There’s no way you can expect a great performance (unless you have the luck of the Irish). It pays greatly to learn about a game before you bet on it.

1. VALORANT gameplay

At its core, VALORANT is a first-person shooting game. It’s a round-based multiplayer game with 5 players on each side. The first team to cross the half of 25 (maximum rounds) wins the game. It’s very much similar to CS:GO.

There are 11 agents or characters available in VALORANT.

2. Tactical short-time-to-kill FPS

Just like other short TTK games, the character can die with a single headshot. VALORANT is a near-perfect blend of Overwatch, R6S, and CS:GO. Though not everything is borrowed from these games, it has at least one aspect similar to these games.

VALORANT Master Reykjavik 2022
VALORANT Master Reykjavik 2022

Why should you try to bet on VALORANT?

You might be tempted to bet on VALORANT but not sure why you should do so. If that’s the case, then read the below reasons.

1. It’s not a typical game by RIOT Games

One of the biggest reasons to go for VALORANT is it breaks the pattern of Riot Games. The game has just launched, but the creator has already built a great hype among the community. It’s an excellent game, and offer various features for players to explore, and that’s the main reason why it’s successful in grabbing the attention of players.

2. Pro players joining VALORANT

With its exceptional gameplay experience, pro players are giving try to VALORANT. Games like CSGO and Overwatch are only growing, so it’s safe to say that VALORANT will experience the same.

Riot Games has always been great at attracting pro players and sponsors.

3. New predictable competition

Since it’s a new addition to esports, the competition is still at its start. It’s the best opportunity to bet on VALORANT as the competition is rather predictable. Learning VALORANT’s ecosystem from the get-go (as the scene is still rather young and new) will give you an edge in the long run.

VALORANT bonuses & promotions

Betting is all about rewards, bonuses, and promotional offers. All betting websites at VALORANT offer amazing bonuses and promotional offers for the current and new users. This helps those getting new players, and so players get a chance to have lucrative rewards.

Valuable betting tips for VALORANT

Seeing lucrative bonuses, offers, and odds, you may be tempted to bet on VALORANT right away, but it pays to consider these tips.

1. First things first, know the rules

Before starting with VALORANT, it’s necessary to learn all its gaming rules. You can get enough information from the official website about the rules, and how everything works. It’s better to spend enough time understanding how things work, before playing as this will help you bet smartly.

2. Watch players playing the games

Go to YouTube, and find the videos of players where you can learn how to play effectively. Watching experts will help in learning the mechanism easily.

3. Follow esports betting principles 

It’s necessary to follow all the betting instructions/ principles. You may require to follow the rules of bankroll management, betting on different sites, and get most out of your bonuses, along with shopping for the best odds. These are the necessary principles you may need to know and follow.


VALORANT soon will be the biggest hit. Being an expert in the esports gaming industry, Riot Games always offers nothing less than best. VALORANT is a new esports game. As soon as more esports event arrives, users will be able to bet on VALORANT at one of its top ranking sites.

While choosing the best betting site, always keep in mind that a licensed, and secure website is the one which can offer you the ultimate experience. We hope this page proves informative and you hit a home run when you bet on VALORANT.