Esports Odds

If you’re interested in getting into esports betting, you should first start by understanding esports odds. Every betting provider gives its own esports betting odds, and it would be up to you to choose the best offer. In this guide, we’ll be going over multiple points of interest when it comes to your betting experience. First off we’ll explain the different types of esports odds that you will most likely see, then we’ll move into some esports betting tips and tricks, and finally we’ll be telling you how to use our esports betting odds comparison to make your betting experience more profitable.

Esports Odds

Upcoming Esports
Betting Odds

Here’s a list of upcoming esports betting odds that you can make use of. Clicking on an odd will take you directly to the esports betting sites!

Esports Odds Explained

There are three main types of odds; American Odds, Decimal Odds, and Fractional Odds. Our tool caters for Decimal Odds, which is the most common of the lot. Some sites might offer you the possibility to choose how you see your odds, and if they don’t, you can always find an esports betting odds converter by running a quick search online. When we’re talking about esports odds, we’re basically looking at the probability of an event coming to fruition. This event could be anything, Team A winning versus Team B, a series going to an exact score in favour of a team, Team A winning a map by an exact number of rounds, and so on and so forth. The odds will reflect how likely it is for an event to happen based on available data, however, that doesn’t mean that the most probable event will always occur. We’ve seen numerous occasions in which the underdog would have the odds stacked against them, but they still manage to pull out a win. Why? Simple.

  1. The bookmaker’s data on which the odds are built is either outdated
  2. The underdogs are suddenly outperforming their opponents (I’m looking at you ENCE for your 2019 Katowice run)
  3. The favourite team is underperforming due to some reason

If you watch the esports scene closely, you will be in an excellent position to make huge profits based on this info which could not be properly reflected in the esports odds available. Let us take a real-world example of how you can benefit from unrealistic and not properly updated odds. A while back there was a TSM – Fnatic match, and it was practically a friendly. The odds were stacked against TSM, like TSM 5.3 and Fnatic 1.25 (not exact odds). Just before the game, Fnatic said they will try a new fresh jungle, a player which never played with the team. The esports betting odds weren’t updated, and we placed a bet on TSM. TSM won, and we cashed in. Big.

Esports Odds Comparison Tool

Being able to find opportune moments in which you can place your bet is not the only way how you can increase your esports betting profits. Another important factor would be finding the right odds. Esports odds vary from provider to provider, as one site would be offering 1.5 for a team to win, while another site would be offering 1.8 for a team to win. That’s 0.3 difference there, and if you bet 10$, you would be making 3$ more in profits. Now we understand that keeping an eye out on all the available sites out there could be a pain, and that is why we developed our very own esports odds comparison tool! You will be able to find all the odds for upcoming matches above. If the provider (betting site) is not available in your country, the button will be blocked. On the other hand, the best odds will be highlighted in green. We’re always striving to improve our esports betting odds comparison tool, and we’re constantly working on it. Soon you’ll be having the possibility to search for specific matches, hide providers, and see clearly what providers work best for you.

Specific Esports Games Odds

We created separate pages in which you will be able to understand how esports odds work for a specific game. Below are the pages with our current esports titles.