Overwatch Betting Odds

Overwatch, the behemoth of a game by Blizzard Entertainment, one of the most well-known video games companies in the world. Blizzard created Overwatch’s professional esports scene, and with the growth of this scene, reputable esports betting sites out there started providing Overwatch betting odds for their players to bet on their favourite team.

Overwatch Betting Odds

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Here’s a list of all the Overwatch outright betting odds available. Compare between the different operators and make sure to use the highest ones, to maximise your returns should you pick the winning team.

The Overwatch professional scene, most notably the Overwatch League, saw huge growth. It was one of the first professional scenes that made use of franchising, something that was not so common in esports back then. With the introduction of ‘conferences’, Overwatch fans worldwide could focus on a section of the league rather than on a more general one. With this, the Overwatch odds available increased drastically.

Overwatch Betting Odds Explained

Betting odds are applied on any wager/bet. These odds refer to the probability of an Overwatch event coming to fruition. However, there are more Overwatch odds than what meets the eye. If you can understand the concept correctly, you will be able to place a relatively safe Overwatch, thus minimising your losing chance whilst increasing your winning probability.

What are OW Odds, and how are they Calculated?

As briefly mentioned above, Overwatch odds reflect the probability of something happening. This something, which can also be referred to as an event, is applied to Overwatch betting markets, which will be described in more detail below.

To give a quick example of what an event is, let’s take a match between Toronto Defiant and Boston Uprising. The event, in this case, would be Toronto Defiant winning the match, and the odds for that match would be 1.25. On the other hand, the Overwatch betting odds for Boston Uprising to win the match would be 2.50. Given that the decimal Overwatch odds for Toronto Defiant are lower, it means that the Defiant is the betting favourite going into the match.

Overwatch betting odds are calculated based on a team’s recent experience and if anything changed in the team recently. Bookmakers are not stupid, and they set these Overwatch odds based on data and statistics. Suppose the Defiant won the last ten matches, while on the other hand, the Uprising lost their previous ten matches. In that case, the Overwatch betting odds will undoubtedly be in Toronto Defiant’s favour.

Are Overwatch Odds Legal?

The answer to this question depends solely on your country’s gambling regulations. Some countries allow Overwatch betting, whilst this might not be legal in some other countries. In the USA, for example, Overwatch odds are only available in some states, but not all.

Another thing to remember is that the bookmaker (betting site) offering the Overwatch betting odds can operate legally in your country, as not all bookmakers can operate in all countries.

Different Types Of Overwatch Betting Markets

Compared to other esports titles such as League Of Legends and Dota 2, Overwatch doesn’t have much when it comes to betting markets. However, it does provide enough for people winning to place their money on Overwatch betting odds to have a good experience. Below we’ll be explaining what different Overwatch betting markets stand for and how to make the best out of them!

  1. Match Winner / Moneyline
    This type of bet is the most common, and the OW betting odds are usually not the highest. This uses the Defiant vs Boston example we used above, in which a player will bet on the team who they believe will win the match or series.
  2. Correct Score
    Predicting the correct score of a series (in the case of Best of 3, Best of 5, or Best of 7) is not an easy task to do. And this is easily reflected in the Overwatch betting odds, as they are usually very high. Here you will need to predict the exact score for a given, for example, 3-2, 3-1, or 3-0.
  3. Map Winner
    The map winner bet is relatively easy, as if you know the map that is going to be played, you can easily do some research to see how a team is performing on a specific map. Furthermore, we would suggest checking the head-to-head history to see how the two groups did on a particular map. Overwatch odds on map winner bets are usually on the high side, so do your research and make money off this bet.
  4. Handicap
    Handicaps are there to reduce risks, and this would increase your Overwatch odds value significantly. To give a quick example of a handicap, let’s say that the Defiant Vs. Uprising series is a Best of 5 (Bo5). We can provide a +2.5 map handicap to the Uprising, even though they are not the favourites. However, if they go anything other than 3-0, we win the bet! Why? Well, you always get to add the handicap to the final score, so if the result of the series is 3-1 to the Defiant, you would still win as with applying the handicap, the total score would be 3 – 3.5, and that means the Uprising won. This is why handicaps are low-risk bets.
  5. Maps Total Over/Under
    Here you’re not betting on who will win the series but simply on how many maps in a series will be played. If you say over 3, you win the bet unless the series is a 3-0. This kind of bet goes very well with a handicap bet, and if you go for a multi-bet, you could be cashing in big, and the Overwatch betting odds would be multiplied!
  6. Team To Win At Least X Maps
    This one is quite self-explanatory, and as the name suggests, the OW odds will reflect the probability of a team winning at least X number of maps in a series. So if there’s a slight chance that an underdog of a series might take at least one map in a best of 3 series, you can place your bet on that team. If that team wins the one map, you will win your bet.
  7. Tournament Winner / Outright
    The outright bets usually have very high Overwatch odds. These bets are available before the tournament starts, and you’ll be placing your money on who you believe will win the whole thing. It’s pretty tricky to predict, but we’ve seen some cases where the initial tournament favourites won the tournament.

Overwatch Odds Format

The Overwatch odds format depends on the bookmaker you’re currently viewing. Some bookmakers show Overwatch betting odds in the decimal format, which is quite common. On the other hand, some bookmakers also offer you fractional odds, while others show you American odds. We detail the differences between these odds formats on our CS:GO Betting Odds page, as these formats apply to all esports titles, not just Overwatch.

How to Compare Overwatch Betting Odds from different Sportsbooks

There are two ways how you can go about doing this. The first option is to go through every sportsbook and compare the odds. The other option is to use our Overwatch Betting Odds Comparison tool at the top of this page!

We developed this tool to see the differences between different providers. The best Overwatch odd is highlighted to have a clear visual indicator of which strange you should go for. We suggest that you check our Over Odds Comparison tool before placing your bets, as the odds vary drastically from provider to provider.

What’s The Difference Between Overwatch Pre-match & Live Odds?

The difference between live and pre-match OW betting odds is quite simple, one is provided before the match starts, and the other is available during the match, in real-time.

Pre-match Odds

Pre-match Overwatch odds are calculated based on a team’s recent record, and these can change quite drastically before the event. These changes happen for multiple reasons, but most notably, these are: A team benches a player, a team adds a new player to the roster, a player is going to miss the match for some reason, or there was a change in the meta or the Overwatch league weekly hero pools removed a champion that a given team excels on. All these variables affect the odds. There are cases in which a sportsbook misses these changes, so the Overwatch odds would not reflect the new events. You might be lucky and manage to place a bet before the bookmakers update the odds, and you can cash in big.

Live Odds

Live Overwatch betting odds are available while a match is being played. These types of OW betting odds are very volatile, as they are changed in real-time based on how a game is going. Live betting does provide users with a fun experience, though, if you’re on top of the game and realise that a team has an advantage before the odds change, you can make excellent profits.

Are There Any Specials For OW Odds?

Overwatch special bets, unlike other games, are not so common. Here, a sportsbook will offer various fun bets, such as players getting the most kills in a tournament, players doing the most healing, etc. These bets are usually only available for main events, such as the Overwatch League finals or the Overwatch League World Cup. However, we rarely see these types of bets available, but it’s still possible to find them every once in a while.