FIFA Betting Guide
& Best Betting Sites

FIFA is a virtual football game created by EA, currently the highest selling sports game at 260 million copies sold as of May 2020. The game can be seen as a hobby and way to wind down from a hard day at work or school, or to have a fun time with friends online.

FIFA Betting Guide And Best Betting Sites

On the flip side, the esports scene in FIFA is thriving, with many intense gamers turning professional through the online game mode ‘Ultimate Team’. With the combination of the Ultimate Team game mode and the support from EA, there are numerous tournaments and competitions where players compete, the biggest of which is the FIFA Interactive World Cup. Without further adieu, in this FIFA betting guide, we will be providing you with the best tips and tricks on FIFA betting, and the various sites where you can wager your money.

How do FIFA events work?

Competitive FIFA at the majority of events is played in the Ultimate Team mode, where the players can create their own team, filled with special cards (upgraded players), icon players (players who are retired) and regular gold players, so if you see the likes of R9 Ronaldo and Ruud Gullit, no, that doesn’t mean they are playing again!

The players then are put into groups where they play a round-robin within their respective group, following the same scoring as regular football leagues, 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and none for a loss. FIFA tournaments have two sides, the XBOX bracket and the PS4 bracket, the winner of each bracket will then play each other in the Grand Final, where one game on each console is played.

After the round-robin, depending on the event, the top 2-4 players will exit their group and go into tournament play, very similar to the UEFA Champions League format, where there will be a round of 16, where players will play two legs. Away goals do not count in the scoring, so if it is a tie after the second leg, it will go to extra time and then penalties if needed. The winner of the leg will then proceed into the next round.

FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 19 London
FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final 19 London

Types of FIFA bets that can be wagered

Betting sites offer the usual head to head betting markets, where you can pick which player you think will be triumphant in that match. There is also accumulator bets, which allow you to combine two or more players to win, to get better FIFA odds, but at a higher risk.

Outright bets are also a large portion of FIFA wagering, where you can bet on a certain player to win or reach the final. This is offered to the bettor at higher odds, as there is a greater chance of a player losing prior to the final then going all the way, as events usually have upwards of 24 players on each side of the console. However, if you see a player over the odds, it always is great value for a FIFA bet.

Novelty bets & different betting markets

Novelty bets are often bets for enjoyment rather than profit, for instance, a novelty bet could be – Player A to score 5 goals against Player B or Player A to get more than 10 points during the group stages. You can sometimes find immaculate value here, but more often than not, these are considered as side bets, rather than a sure main bet.

In-play/live FIFA betting

In-play FIFA bets are bets which are placed after the games have started but prior to concluding. For example, if Player A is down 1-0 in the first 20 minutes, the odds for Player A will increase significantly. If you believe Player A got unlucky or you believe he can come back and win, then wager the higher odds rather than the lower odds which you get prior to the game, although it is much riskier.

betting websites 

Prior to betting on FIFA, ensure that you are betting on licensed, reputable website or bookmaker. This is to ensure that your money is safe and that a third-party, sketchy website is not scamming you. Here’s a list of our recommended sites.

Payment methods
Master Card Litecoin iDebit
Games Offered
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League Of Legends Call Of Duty Dota 2 VALORANT
Payment methods
Master Card VISA Neteller
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League Of Legends Dota 2 PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Overwatch
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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dota 2 League Of Legends Call Of Duty Overwatch
Payment methods
Master Card VISA Skrill
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Dota 2 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive League Of Legends Call Of Duty FIFA 22
Payment methods
Master Card VISA Skrill
Games Offered
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dota 2 League Of Legends Overwatch PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Who should I bet on?

FIFA can be a very inconsistent game to bet on, but you want to put yourself in the best chance to win. Thus, betting on players who are talented and experienced will always be the right way to go. Below I will list the FIWC winners of the last 5 years.

  • Mohammed ‘MoAuba’ Harkous – FIFA eWorld Cup Champion 2019
  • Mossad ‘Msdossary’ Aldossary – FIFA eWorld Cup Champion 2018
  • Spencer ‘Gorilla’ Ealing – FIFA Interactive World Cup Champion 2017
  • Mohamad Al-Bacha – FIFA Interactive World Cup Champion 2016
  • Abdulaziz Alsheri – FIFA Interactive World Cup Champion 2015

These are some talented players, with the last 3 still actively competing in the scene. It would also be wise to check websites such as – EsportsEarnings, which showcase the earnings of each player, which is usually a good indicator of who is doing well during the year.

Tips on how to maximize your FIFA betting winning chances

  • Don’t bet with your heart – We are all culprits of this throughout our FIFA betting adventures, where we bet on our beloved team, but this is not the way to go in FIFA. Bet on who you believe is going to win the match, gambling with your heart over your head will, in the long run, be to your detriment.
  • Stay immersed in the scene – Make sure you’re keeping up to date with the form of players, who is doing well, who’s doing bad and who can surprise people at upcoming events. This can be done through Liquidpedia and through social media accounts which will help you get an edge in FIFA betting.
  • Relax and be selective – As much as everyone wants to, you can’t bet on every game and win consistently. Bet on the games only which you see profitable to ensure that you give yourself the best chance in winning.
  • Make a Blackbook – If you see a player that you really liked and thought his play was excellent, right down his name and keep an eye on him next time you bet, as it is often very easy to forget about players when watching so many events.

Last but not least, ensure you gamble responsibly and only gamble what you can afford to lose!