FIFA Betting Odds

FIFA could be considered as the new kid on the block when compared to major esports titles out there. That does not mean however that this esport is lacking behind, as actually, it’s quite to the contrary. Being so closely related to the physical sport, it was a no brainer for the best esports betting sites to add FIFA to their portfolio, whilst also providing the best FIFA betting odds.

FIFA Betting Odds

Upcoming FIFA Match
Betting Odds

Here’s a list of upcoming professional FIFA matches that you can bet on! Compare the odds and make sure to get the best bang for your buck.

With every new year, EA publishes a new version of the game, and this changes the FIFA odds a bit as players will need to get used to the game all over again. In our FIFA betting guide, we go through the best players FIFA as an esport has seen throughout the years.

How does different FIFA Odds Reflect Different Markets?

As with any other esports (and even sports) out there, FIFA odds range differently from market to market. This is for the simple reason that some markets are much harder to predict than others. But first, let’s go through the different FIFA betting markets and how FIFA betting odds reflect this.

FIFA Match Result Bet

This is the most straightforward type of bet. Here you will be betting on whether the home team will win the match, whether the match will be a draw, or whether the away team will win the match. The FIFA betting odds for this type of bet are usually on the low side, as if you have a good look at the player’s history, it should be relatively straightforward who will the match.

FIFA Total Goals Bet

When it comes to total goals you will be betting on the total number of goals you believe will be scored in a single match. With this type of bet also comes the over/under option, in which you will be predicting if in a match there will be more or less than three (3) goals for example. The FIFA odds are usually relatively high for these types of bets, and you could cash out big, but it’s also a difficult one to predict.

FIFA Handicap Bet

Much like any other esports handicap bets, here you will be applying a handicap to a team. It is important to note that this type of bet tends to step up the odds. Let’s say you bet on a team with a handicap of -1.5. This means that in order for you to win that bet, the team will need to beat the other team by at least 2 goals, as you will be adding the handicap to the final result.

FIFA Half-time Bet

With a half-time FIFA bet you’ll be predicting what the score will be at half-time, either by deciding the correct goal score or by predicting who will be on top or if it’s going to be a draw. The FIFA odds are usually lower than that of the FIFA Match Result Bet, but you can still make a quick buck off this type of bet.

FIFA Variety Bets

These kinds of FIFA bets are more considered ‘fun’ bets. Mostly it is because you will not find them for every match, and are only available in bigger tournaments like the FIFA eWorld Cup. FIFA betting odds on this type of bet can be either for both teams to score, total goals scored by a player, or even goals scored by a player in a team (example Ronaldo).

As you can tell, FIFA’s betting markets are very similar to football markets, so if you have any experience betting on real-world football, you’ll have an easy time finding and making use of the best FIFA betting odds.

Live FIFA Betting Odds

Live FIFA betting odds, much like the FIFA variety bets we discussed above, are only available for top tier FIFA events. Here practically you’ll have the possibility to place bets while the game is played. Live FIFA odds might be suspended if the match is too one-sided, as after all FIFA betting providers must make sure to protect themselves. Live FIFA betting odds could also be referred to as FIFA In-Play betting odds.

In simple terms, Live FIFA betting odds work like Live betting when it comes to football, basketball, or any other sports.

How are FIFA Odds Calculated and how do they change?

There are multiple ways how these FIFA odds are calculated, and every betting website could have its own way of calculating these. If you have a look at the FIFA betting odds at the begging of a tournament and check back again after the first few matches, you will probably see the odds change drastically. This is because the odds are calculated on the factors:

  1. Player’s recent history
  2. Game changes and latest patch notes
  3. Underlying player conditions such as (but not limited to): Did the player have to travel to get to the event? Is he still jet-lagged?
  4. Player’s history against other players in the tournament
  5. Player’s remaining opposition. Are there any top tier players remaining in the tournament? Or where they were already eliminated? If so the player could have a better chance of getting to the final or winning the whole tournament.
  6. Pro analyst and community speculations. This is something that is highly valued by those who are setting the FIFA betting odds. If the game’s pro analysts perceive a player as doing well in a tournament despite a recent bad showing, for example, the player could still be considered the favourite.

Fifa Odds Comparison

Whether you are new or an experienced veteran when it comes to FIFA betting odds, our tool is there to help you make the best decisions when it comes to picking your betting site. You will be able to see all the upcoming matches, and how different sites are offering their odds.

What makes our FIFA odds comparison tool even more well designed is the fact that the provider column will not be available for you if that provider is not eligible to operate in your country.

On a final note, you will be able to see a highlighted cell, which represents the highest FIFA odd between the betting sites.