CS:GO Betting Odds

CS:GO, also known as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is a highly competitive FPS (First Person Shooter) in which two teams fight against each other in order to win the map, or the series (which is usually a Best Of 3). Whenever there’s a competitive CS:GO Match, esports betting sites offer their very own CS:GO betting odds. For this reason, we’ve developed a CS:GO betting odds tool, which will allow you to see CS:GO betting odds comparisons between various providers.

CSGO Betting Odds

Upcoming CS:GO Match Winner Betting Odds

CS:GO odds comparison tool

If you’re looking to compare CS:GO odds, look no further. We developed our own CS:GO odds comparison tool that compares decimal odds between our partners on pre match odds. If the CS:GO odds for a specific provider are not available/legal in your country, that particular provider in our CS:GO odds table will be blocked.

Our CS:GO Odds Comparison Tool will also show you which provider is offering the Highest CS:GO betting odds on a specific Match. The highlight shows the highest odd among all providers.

We’re always looking to add new trusted providers to our CS:GO Odds Comparison Tool, so check back in every once in a while to see what new CS:GO betting odds we’re offering. Alternatively, if you have any feedback, feel free to get in touch!

Different types of CS:GO betting odds

There are three (3) main types of betting odds that one can find on CSGO Odds. These highly depend on culture; however, primarily every esports betting site nowadays offers players the option to choose how they see these odds. We’ll be using a fictitious game of Team Liquid Vs. Astralis to explain the differences.

CS:GO fractional odds

These types of CSGO betting odds are British/UK odds. These CSGO odds usually have a slash (/) or a hyphen (-) between two numbers. Let’s take our make-believe game, for example:

Team Liquid: 10/11 or 10-11

Astralis: 9/4 or 9-4

This means that for the amount after the slash or hyphen if the team wins, you will be getting the amount before the slash or hyphen. So if we bet 11£ on Team Liquid, and they do manage to win, we will get our initial stake of £11 as well as our winning of 10£, meaning that in total, we will get 21£ back.

The same can be applied to Astralis, but the payout is higher this time. This would be because Astralis are the underdogs in this match up. With the CS:GO Fractional Odds of 9/4, if we bet 4£ on Astralis, and they win, we will be getting 13£ back in total (4£ initial stake plus 9£ winnings).

CS:GO decimal odds

This type of CS:GO betting odds are usually the most common ones out there and most probably the easiest ones to understand, much like the ones for sports betting. Here next to each team you will see a decimal odds, for example:

Team Liquid: 1.91

Astralis: 3.25

Here to determine the CSGO odd payout, all you need to do is multiply the stake by the decimal number, and if the team wins, the result of the multiplication will be your returns. So let’s say we bet 5£ on Team Liquid. with their CS:GO odds of 1.91, if they win, we will be getting back 9.55£ (5£ x 1.91).

With Astralis’s CS:GO decimal odds of 3.25, if we bet 5£ and Astralis wins, we will be getting 16.25£ returns in total, thus netting us a profit of 11.25£.

CS:GO American/Moneyline odds

The most popular kind of CS:GO odds in the USA are the CS:GO Moneyline Odds. These kinds of CSGO odds use two important signs, the minus (-) and the plus (+) sign. Let’s use these signs with our example.

Team Liquid: -110

Astralis: +225

The team with the highest negative number, TL in this case, are considered the favourites for this matchup, while Astralis, on the other hand, are considered the underdogs.

The minus amount (-110) indicates the amount of money one would need to bet to return 100$. So if you place a bet on TL with CSGO American odds of -110, you will need to stake out 110$, and if TL wins, you will return 210$ (210$ Initial Stake + 100$ Winnings).

For the plus (+) sign, things are a bit different. The plus (+) sign indicates the amount that you could return if you bet 100$. So if you bet 100$ on Astralis’ CS:GO Moneyline odds, and they win, you will return 325$ (100$ Initial Stake + 225$ Winnings)

What are the different types of markets that CS:GO betting odds are used on?

There are multiple types of different and exciting betting markets on which CS:GO betting odds are applied. These markets give bettors the possibility of having multiple opportunities instead of always betting on the match-winner. Using CS:GO betting odds wisely on different needs can give you a tremendous edge and make huge returns if you know the game and scene well.

Match winner

The Match Winner market is the most common one out there, and there will be this option for mostly all the games happenings. In the example above of Team Liquid Vs. Astralis, we were using the Match Winner market, which meant that you win X (in which X is the CS:GO odd) if the team you are betting on wins.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Best Of 1 (Bo1), Best Of 3(Bo3), or Best Of 5(Bo3). Here you’re betting on whoever wins the series.

Map winner

The Map Winner market could be more tricky to predict; however, this comes with higher rewards as the CS:GO betting odds are usually higher. Here one would need to have a good look at the VETO, in which you could see what teams are banning and picking, and based on this information, you will be able to see how a team performs in a given map and make educated decisions.

Unlike the Match Winner, with the Map Winner, you will be betting on a specific map, irrelevant of the result of the whole series. If you bet that Astralis will win Map 2, and they win Map 2, but they lose the series, you will still win the bet and cash out.

Maps handicap

The Maps Handicap market is there to give players the ability to bet on teams while giving them a handicap, either for their advantage or against them.

Using the Team Liquid Vs. Astralis example above, let’s say that TL has a handicap of -2.5. What we’re doing here is giving TL a disadvantage (handicap) in which they begin the series with -2.5 map wins. For your bet to be fruitful, they will need to win the series 2-0. CS:GO Betting Odds on Map Handicaps are usually higher when compared to Match Winner, as you’re not just betting on a team on winning a series, but you’re also giving them a handicap.

On the other hand, handicaps can also be applied to the underdogs of a series. Let’s take Astralis +1.5 handicap as an example. Here we’re saying that Astralis start the series with 1.5 map wins, which means that they will only need to win 1 map in order for the bet to be won.

Round handicap

Round Handicaps work much like the Maps Handicap; however, here, we are solely dealing with Rounds in a given map. If a team’s round handicap on a specific map is, for example, -3.5, it means that the team must win the match by at least four (4) rounds more than that of their opponents.

Likewise, if a team has a +2.5 round handicap, as the CSGO odds are against them, said team will need to lose the map by not more than three (3) rounds, and if so, the bet will be won!

Correct score

The Correct Score market could be tricky, but the payouts are usually huge when coupled with other bets. Here one would be predicting the correct score of a series, for example, 3-2 for Team Liquid, or 3-0 for Astralis, in the event of a Best Of 5 (Bo5).

Maps total

CS:GO betting odds on Maps Total are usually rather low, and this is for the simple reason that you are not betting on any team. Here you’re just predicting if a series will go to two (2) or three (3) maps, if the series is a Best Of 3 (Bo3), or if a series will go to three (3) maps, four (4) maps, or five (5) maps, if the series is a Best Of 5 (Bo5).

The CSGO odds for Maps Total are only available for a series with more than one (1) map.

CS:GO map total rounds over/under

With the Map Total Rounds markets, bookmakers give players the ability to predict and play on how many rounds they think there will be on a given map. Here the CSGO odds would be set on a number, which is usually 26.5. If you predict that a map will be won in fewer rounds, you will need to place your bet on the -26.5 csgo odd, but if you think the map will go on for more than 27 rounds to be won, you will need to place your money on the +26.5.

In-play betting

CS:GO In-Play betting odds are not always available; however, with the scene’s growth, these types of CSGO betting odds are becoming more popular and, more importantly, functional. With In-Play CSGO betting, bookmakers give the players the option to bet on teams while a match is ongoing.

If you’re watching a match and see that the tides are turning, you can make a good buck by being quick and placing a bet on a specific team before the bookmaker changes the cs go betting odds.

In-Play/Live CSGO betting is usually available for premier events, but if you see that it’s also available for lower-tier events, keep an eye out, be proactive, and place your in-play bets quickly as usually, providers take quite some time to update their odds.

CS:GO Betting Odds FAQs

Can CS:GO Betting Odds Changes?

Yes, counter strike betting odds can change. This applies to both pre-play betting odds and to live betting odds. CS:GO odds change for multiple factors, such as line-up changes for pre-play betting, and game momentum during in-play betting.

How Do CS:GO Betting Odds Work?

Like any other sport out there, CS:GO betting odds gives you the chance to make a bet and get a return depending on the probability of an outcome. So if you make a bet on Team A to win versus Team B, and Team A wins, you get the your stake multiplied by the odd as a return.

Who Offers The Best CS:GO Betting Odds?

To find the best CS:GO betting odds you’ll first need to make use of an odds comparison tool. In this page you will find our own CS:GO odds comparison tool, showing you the odds for the same game by different CS:GO betting sites.