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League Of Legends betting odds are nowadays always out there, on practically every LoL tournament that is being hosted. Given that League of Legends is one of the most established esports titles out there, backed up by Riot Games. League is entering it’s 11th Season, which means that Riot had 11 years to work on the LoL’s esports ecosystem.

League of Legends Betting Odds

League Of Legends
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Betting Odds 2022

Below is a list of the upcoming League of Legends betting odds, comparing the different values between one operator and the other.

Having such a robust ecosystem means that League currently has a serious, controlled and moderated esports scene. Knowing that we can safely state that all LoL tournaments are moderated in such a way that match-fixing is at an all-time low. This gives LoL Betting Sites peace of mind, and with that, they can provide the best LoL betting odds out there.

With League’s various regional tournaments going on practically all year round (Summer & Spring Split), you can find League of Legends odds every weekend! And if you follow a specific region, you will be able to place bets on hot teams and make the best out of it.

LoL Odds Comparison

As with other esports titles, we’ve been busy developing our own LoL odds comparison tool. You can find this tool at the top of the page. Our tool shows you how different providers are assigning their League of Legends betting odds, and the best odds will be highlighted.

We also go above and beyond and show you if it is legal for you to bet on a specific LoL betting site. We’re constantly working on our LoL betting odds comparison tool, so be sure to check back in as we will be adding more markets (not just Match Winner), as well as the facility to search for teams.

Where can I find the best League of Legends Betting Odds?

The best League Of Legends betting odds can be found at our trusted partners. One must note that this changes from time to time, as one day a provider (betting site) may be providing the highest LoL odds, while on the same day another provider might change their odds and beat the other provider.

Our odds comparison tool is there to help, and as stated above, you can find the best LoL odds highlighted in the table.

Different Markets on which LoL Betting Odds are applied.

League Of Legends is one of the most diverse games out there when it comes to betting markets. This gives bettors great opportunities to mix things up and spice up their betting experience when placing bets LoL events such as the world champion. In this guide, we’ll be going over the majority of market options and how the value of LoL odds differ from one another. Here goes!

  1. Match Winner
    When betting on the match-winner, you are betting on who you believe will take the series, either it being Bo1, Bo3, or Bo5. LoL betting odds on match winners are usually not that high as this would be based on publicly available dates.
  2. Map Winner
    Much like the match-winner, here you’re betting on a specific map. Keep in mind how the team plays on a specific side of the map, whether they are red side or blue side, and how their recent performance was on that side of the map. This highly impacts the League of Legends Odds.
  3. First Blood
    This is a simpler type of bet, but the LoL odds are usually quite high. For the first blood, there are two options, as you can either bet on a team taking first blood, or for a specific player.4
  4. First Team To Get 10 Kills
    Like the first blood bet about, here you will be betting on the team you believe will get 10 kills first, for a specific map. Depending on the region you follow, the LoL odds will be different, and this is for the simple reason that some regions and teams are more aggressive than others.
  5. Most Kills
    With this type of bet, you’ll be betting on who will get the most kills, whether it is a team or a specific player. Most kill bets are usually considered flavour bets, and they are not always available. The LoL odds on specific player most kills are usually huge.
  6. Team To Get First Dragon
    As the name implies, here you’ll be placing your money on the team you believe will get the first dragon of the match. Statistics on a team’s dragon percentages can help you make educated decisions on this bet, and it’s usually not a tough one to get.
  7. Team To Get First Tower
    The same ‘Team To Get First Dragon’ logic applies here, but apart from that, you should also have a good look at a team’s comp. Early game siege comps are a safe bet, and you could easily cash in the LoL odds.
  8. Total Kills Scored
    This is a tough one to predict, but the returns could be unbelievably high! Predicting the exact kills scored is not something that regularly happens, given that League is quite a volatile game.
  9. Tournament Winner
    Once again, the name says it all. Here you will be picking the LoL odds on the team you believe will win the tournament! You hear the words ‘Tournament Favorite’ quite regularly if you follow streams, and this means that specific teams have the lowest League Of Legends betting odds as they are considered the tournament favourites.
  10. Exact/Correct Series Score
    This type of bet depends on whether the series is a Bo3 (Best of 3) or Bo5 (Best of 5), and you will bet on whether a team will go 2-0, 2-1 in the case of a Bo3.
  11. Team To Win At Least 1 Map
    A relative easy bet to predict, but the LoL odds are usually rather low. For a series, Bo3 or Bo5, you will be predicting if a team will win at least 1 map.
  12. Handicap
    The handicap bet could be found throughout all esports titles, as long as it’s not a Bo1 (Best of 1). Let’s say TSM are facing FlyQuest in a best of 5, and you find a game which gives a 1 match handicap to FlyQuest. This means that FlyQuest starts the series 0-1 to FlyQuest.
  13. Series Over/Under
    The over/under market is also something that is available on other titles, and even traditional sports. Basically, the LoL odds here would be placed on whether you believe a series would go to 3 maps, 4 maps or 5 maps, in the case of a Bo5.
  14. Kills Over/Under
    Same thing as above, but instead of the maps, you’ll be betting on the number of kills, which is also sometimes referred to as the Even/Odd number of kills.

Understanding the different types of League of Legends Odds

There are three main types of League Of Legends odds, and these are decimal odds, fractional odds, lol vegas odds, and American odds. There aren’t any differences between these LoL odds, as an odds calculator could easily show you how one would translate from one another. It’s mostly a regional/cultural thing.

Furthermore, these odds are available for other esports titles, and we go into a lot of detail in explaining the differences in our own CS:GO Betting Odds article.

Are LoL Odds Legal?

Yes, LoL odds are completely legal. There are a lot of regulated esports betting sites out there, and you shouldn’t have any issues finding the right one. Be sure to do some research before signing to a site, as this will definitely help you in the long run. First up, make sure that the site is eligible and accepts traffic from your country of origin, secondly, make sure that the site offers the best League Of Legends betting odds out there and that it offers good LoL betting lines, and lastly make sure that the site has a good rating in general.