Antillephone is one of four Master Licence Holders issued by the Government of Curacao. Antillephone is licensed by the Government of Curacao.

When it comes to Curacao, online gambling operators can only operate with a “Grand Master Licence,” which is one of the only online gambling licenses available and is awarded by the government. Of the total number of online gambling Master Licenses that have been issued, only four have been issued to online gambling operators.

The only way these website say that they are legal to operate in Curacao is because the Government of Curacao issues certain licenses, which are known as ‘Master Licenses’. These ‘Master Licensees’ are the only ones authorized to issue a sub-license.

Antillephone is one such license holder offering sublicenses to operators. Antillephone licenses its licensees and regulates them.

Antillephone assess applications as well as having independent certificates for the games, as well as anti-money laundering.

On Curacao, the only casino license-holder is only responsible for land casinos. However, because the Curacao Government has not yet authorized casino gambling online, there’s no national oversight like you’d find in the United States.

Regulated Activities

Online gambling has no restrictions of types, so you can offer betting, scratch-cards, lotteries or bingo games.

Serviced Territories

Some believe a sub-contracting company is “offshore,” since it allows for multiple companies to control a single company, especially through offshore companies.

Antillephone also prohibits access by a small number of other regulated jurisdictions, including France, Netherlands, and the USA. No mention is made on the many other regulated jurisdictions, such as Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Australia etc.

It is however unclear how such prohibitions are enforced, with the Dutch regulator issuing large fines to Curacao-based operators for targeting Dutch customers.

Licensed Operators

There are no public databases of operators licensed by Antillephone.


In recent years Antillphone-based gambling in the Caribbean has increased in frequency so much they actually have to issue fines.

  • Virtual coin Gaming NV, which operates the websites and in the Netherlands, were fined €500,000 by the Dutch government for allowing Dutch players to play on their websites.
  • Most of the websites on the blacklist are established in Curacao, and these blacklists include at least 12,000 companies.