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As we head into the second season of the franchised Call of Duty League, Atlanta FaZe will be looking to continue their great form from the inaugural season. On their way to finishing first in the regular-season standings, Atlanta FaZe won two Home Series events on their way, making them one of the favourites when it comes to winning the Call of Duty League in 2021.

Atlanta FaZe Roster 2021

The franchise was forced into roster change after the league announced that they would be changing the format from five versus five to four versus four. Going back to having four players on a team, took things back to the core of Call of Duty esports, but left FaZe in a tricky situation on where to go, considering the team had managed to bring them so much success last year.

Three of the five from the roster last year managed to keep their spots, and the final piece to the puzzle was acquired from their rivals Chicago Huntsmen (now Optic Chicago). This means the core of the successful roster last year remains, and there should be plenty of natural chemistry to help them kick start the 2021 season. Below is the official roster for AF at the beginning of the season.

  • Tyler ‘aBeZy’ Pharris (Player)
  • McArthur ‘Cellium’ Jovel (Player)
  • Chris ‘Simp’ Lehr (Player)
  • Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson (Player)
  • Duante ‘Sibilants’ Gray (Substitute)

This core consistency in the roster is a reason why you should consider placing a bet on Atlanta FaZe this season.

Past Achievements For Atlanta FaZe

As previously mentioned, Atlanta managed to secure two Home Series victories last season, with only Dallas Empire beating them in this regard. Despite Dallas picking up more Home Series wins, Atlanta FaZe had more consistent performances elsewhere which is what helped them to clinch that 1st place in the regular season.

However, the annual Call of Duty Championship in 2021 proved why regular-season performances don’t necessarily matter when it comes to the one big event of the year. The team finished 2nd at the Call of Duty Championship, with Dallas Empire beating them 5-1 in the grand final.

Atlanta FaZe Betting Tips

Everyone wants to know the tips and tricks to help get more from their Call Of Duty betting experience, and these tips will help you to boost the Atlanta FaZe betting odds you may come across.

Map Handicaps

When it comes to placing a bet on Atlanta FaZe, you will notice that because they are strong favourites for the majority of head to head matchups, it could be tough to get favourable CoD odds on them. Using maps handicaps is a way to help boost Atlanta FaZe betting odds.

Essentially what this does is make FaZe start at either -1 or -2 map count for the series. Meaning if they have a -1 handicap, they need to win 3-1 in the best of five, and for a -2 map handicap, they’d need to win the series 3-0. Across the board, this is the best way to boost any Atlanta FaZe odds.

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