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The Dallas Empire come into the second season of the franchised Call of Duty League, as champions. Despite finishing in 2nd place in the regular-season standings last season, falling just behind Atlanta FaZe, the team managed to clutch up when it mattered most at the annual Call of Duty Championship. It was at the Championship event, that Dallas Empire had the upper edge and got revenge on Atlanta in the grand final.

Dallas Empire Roster Changes 2021

Following the shift from a five versus five format, to four versus four, a form of roster mania was always going to come about. It is fair to say that the Dallas Empire was probably in the toughest situation with this. They had just come off the back of a 2nd place regular-season finish, and then went on to win the biggest event of them all, and now they have to choose who to drop.  Eventually, James “Clayster” Eubanks was the player to be dropped from the squad. There were mixed emotions across the community, as the oldest and one of the most experienced professional Call of Duty League players, it’s surprising to let him go, but it seems Dallas opted for the upcoming youth players with a one core experienced player to help guide them. Below is the official roster for Dallas in the 2021 season:

  • Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro (Player)
  • Cuyler “Huke” Garland (Player)
  • Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal (Player)
  • Ian “C6” Porter (Player)*
  • Tyler “FeLo” Johnson (Substitute)

*C6 is commonly referred to as Crimsix. The team retained four of their players, which means they should have an upper edge at the beginning of the season, thanks to established chemistry. 

Dallas Empire Achievements

We have already touched on the fact that Dallas won the Season 1 Call of Duty Championship 2020, which confirmed them as the best team on Modern Warfare. However, it’s worth noting that their season was full of success. Dallas won three Home Series over the 13 weeks of the regular season, tying with one other team for this. Meaning they set the first pieces of history in the franchised Call of Duty League.  Dallas Empire play under the Team Envy brand, who have teams competing at the highest level in multiple esports. It’s clear to many that the Dallas Empire will surely be pushing to try and smash these records they’ve previously set.

Dallas Empire Betting Tips

A team that’s had so much success, it’s understandable why coming into the 2021 season, many are considering placing a bet on Dallas Empire, whether that’s to win the season or to win head to head matchups. If you’re an experienced bettor, and do not need our Call Of Duty Betting Guide, what you will notice is that the Dallas Empire betting odds will not offer the best returns majority of the time. This is because as it stands, they are clear and strong favourites. One thing you can do to boost the Dallas Empire odds however for head to head matchups is to utilise map handicaps on the betting markets and keep a close eye on the best Call Of Duty Odds.

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