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The Florida Mayhem are another founding team who participated in the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. The Mayhem are owned and operated by Ben Spoont, the CEO of gaming organization Misfits Gaming. They are based in Florida and represent both the cities Orlando and Miami. Their logo features the outline of a pink bomb with the letter M in the centre and a palm tree on top. After 2 arguably mediocre seasons, the Mayhem had many standout moments in the most recent season of League competition.

Florida Mayhem Roster 2020

The Florida Mayhem roster consists of 5 active players. They are as follows:

  • Sangbeom “BQB” Lee – DPS
  • Panseung “Fate” Koo – Tank
  • Beomjun “Gargoyle” Lee – Tank
  • Junki “Yaki” Kim – DPS
  • Namjin “Gangnamjin” Kang – Support

In terms of players who have previously been part of the Mayhem roster but have since left, a few large names like Kevin “Tviq” Lindström and Andreas “Logix” Berghmans have spent time with the Mayhem. Currently, the majority of the Mayhem’s roster consists of lesser-experienced players with fewer league veterans. This has made their performance in the most recent League season somewhat surprising, as their young squad has been met with a good degree of success. Unpredictable plays made betting on Florida Mayhem rather profitable, as the Florida Mayhem odds might not always be reflecting their latest form.

Florida Mayhem Success Stories

Their most notable performance from the 2020 season came during the May Melee competitive tournament. Defying expectations, the Mayhem took second place over heavily favoured teams like the Philadelphia Fusion. In addition, the Mayhem had a similar upset run in the Countdown Cup, finishing in a tie for 3rd-4th. In the regular season as a whole, the Mayhem finished with the 6th best record, another surprising achievement considering their roster and history in past seasons. Reaching 6th overall in record is a huge improvement after finishing 9th-11th in the first season of the OWL and 20th in the past season where they failed to qualify for playoffs. In addition, they capped off their already impressive season with a valiant run in the playoffs that landed them a 4th place finish. This also netted them the highest single amount winnings in their history, with $75k in winnings from this playoff season. All in all, the Mayhem’s quick rise in success has made them somewhat of a wildcard in the League, and their many upsets has solidified this view.

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