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The Florida Mutineers had an up and down season, and unfortunately in November of 2020, as things moved into the new game, one of their players Maurice “Fero” Henriequez passed away. The team continue to show respects to their late player throughout the Call of Duty: Blacks Ops Cold War season, using the “#f3f3” hashtag on socials. They even adjusted their “FearTheDeep” to “F3arTheDeep” so that Fero’s F3 tag could be included. 

Florida Mutineers Roster

The format shift to four players on a team, as well as the passing of a player meant that the Florida franchise was going to have to make changes heading into Call Of Duty League Season 2. Florida made roster changes midway through Season 1, so coming into this season, there were two players that had competed on the team previously. One player moved to the substitute role, whilst two new players came in to try and bolster the team to more success this season. Below is how the Mutineers roster stacks up this year:

  • Cesar “Skyz” Bueno (Player)
  • Joseph “Owakening” Conley (Player)
  • Josiah “Slacked” Berry (Player)
  • Travis “Neptune” McCloud (Player)
  • Colt “Havok” McLendon (Substitute)
  • Ricky “Atura” Lugo (Coach)

Last season Owakening cemented himself as one of the best upcoming talents in the game, with Skyz continuing to establish himself as a great, reliable player. This combination with the experience of Slacked and the newcomer Neptune, makes Florida a bit of a coinflip. In the past, these combinations either lead to great success, or flop, there’s little in between. 

Florida Mutineers Past Achievements

Florida will be hoping to turn the tables on the inconsistency they faced last season. Whilst they managed to win three home series events, putting them on par with Dallas Empire, the current champions, they also had multiple disappointing Home Series appearances where they finished 5th-6th and 7th-8th. With that being said, they managed to win back to back events at the back end of the season, so there’s possibly some momentum to work with.  The Call of Duty League hosted a Kick-Off event prior to the beginning of the season, and Florida got matched against Atlanta FaZe for their featured match. Florida came out on top 3-2, and whilst there wasn’t an official match impacting the season, it still bodes well and highlights the team’s potential. 

Florida Mutineers Betting Tips

When it comes to putting a bet on Florida Mutineers to win, you will tend to receive some favourable and enticing odds. With the team having success last year, but still falling into the shadow of the powerhouses like Dallas Empire, OpTic Chicago, and the LA Thieves, you can expect that bookmakers will not consider them favourites until they start winning regularly, and therefore their CoD odds will be relatively high.  What this means is that across the board, the Florida Mutineers betting odds will offer some great potential at the beginning of the season. If it hits a point where the team becomes favourites, so their outright odds to win become less beneficial, we recommend utilizing in-depth betting markets as a way to boost the Florida Mutineers odds.

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