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The Houston Outlaws were one of the founding Overwatch League teams in its first season. They were originally owned by eSports organization Immortals Gaming Club, but were later acquired by the Beasley Broadcast Group. They are owned and operated out of Houston, Texas, and compete in the Atlantic South. Their signature colors are lime green and black, and their logo features a pair of horned revolvers beneath a star. Overall, the Houston Outlaws have always had a large dedicated fanbase, but haven’t been able to attain a high-ranking placement in recent seasons of the OWL.

Houston Outlaws Squad & Roster

Their current roster features 5 active professionals. They are as follows:

  • Dante “Danteh” Cruz – DPS
  • Daniel “Boink” Pence – Support
  • Joao Pedro “Hydration” Goes Telles – Tank
  • Taw-Hong “Meko” Kim – Tank
  • Kim “Rapel” Jun-keun – Support

Unfortunately for the Outlaws, they lost several franchise players who were iconic to the Houston lineup. Among them, both Austin “Muma” Wilmot and Jiri “Linkzr” Masalin recently departed the Outlaws roster. Veterans of the Outlaws who joined the roster in the League’s inaugural season, their loss will surely be felt by the Houston Outlaws, and if you’re looking to bet on Houston Outlaws, we would suggest doing so with care.

Houston Outlaws Degrading Results

Taking a look back at historical performances of the Outlaws, it may become clearer as to why some players have decided to part ways with the organization. In the inaugural season, the Outlaws performed at their best, finishing 3rd in the first stage of the competition and 7th overall for the season. Since then, their rankings have repeatedly suffered. In the 2019 season, the Outlaws managed to climb to the 5th-8th spot in the Stage 3 Playoffs, but fell to 16th in the overall 2019 season rankings. They once again finished with the 16th place record in the 2020 season, and only took 12th/13th in the postseason. Given their repeated shortcomings, a roster restructuring is a logical result for the offseason. With any luck, the Outlaws will look to attract new talent to their roster for the upcoming season, making betting on Outlaws a thing again.

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