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Here we have what has become one of the most fan favourite teams. Obviously, everyone has their favourite team, and the likes of OpTic Chicago, Dallas Empire, LA Thieves, and Atlanta FaZe have connections to the core of Call of Duty esports events from the early days, so fans naturally gravitated towards them. However, the London Royal Ravens have managed to become an entertaining and favourable franchise in the league, making them a team neutrals enjoy watching. 

London Royal Ravens

We’ve just touched on how the Royal Ravens had become a popular team in the league, and this was largely thanks to the twins on the roster Skrapz and Wuskin. Unfortunately, after a year on the team, London parted ways with the twins in September 2020. This wasn’t an overly popular decision when it comes to the opinion of the community, but fans will be trusting that the London Royal Ravens had internal reasons for making the changes, and know what they’re doing heading into the new season.  Despite the loss of fan favourite players, the Royal Ravens roster is still packed with talent, all from the UK, minus their temporary substitute. It’s nice to see the franchise continuing to do a good job and helping to expose the local talent in the region. Here is the official London Royal Ravens roster for the 2021 Call of Duty League (CDL) season:

  • Sean “Seany” O’Connor (Player)
  • Alex “Alexx” Carpenter (Player)
  • Thomas “Dylan” Henderson (Player)
  • Trei “Zer0” Morris (Player)
  • Christopher “Parasite” Duarte (Player – Temporary Substitute)
  • Marucs “Afro” Reid (Substitute) 

Parasite had to join as a temporary substitute for the beginning of the season to place Zer0 because of COVID-19 related travel restrictions. Despite a loss at the Kick-Off event to Paris Legion, there is still hope for the Royal Ravens coming into the Call Of Duty League 2021

London Royal Ravens Past Achievements

There were times during Season 1 that the Royal Ravens were predicted to cause upsets through Home Series events, with many even thinking they could win at least one home series event in the inaugural season. Unfortunately, the closest they came was a 2nd place finish during the Seattle Week 8 event.  They did manage to finish off the season in a fairly positive manner, with a 4th place finish at the Call of Duty Championship, taking home $450,000 to share. Outside of this, there were two 3rd-4th finishes during the regular season, and the rest weren’t noteworthy finishes. 

London Royal Ravens Betting Tips

There is a lot of speculation that London will be a mid-table team throughout the season, meaning there are some ways to benefit from putting a bet on London Royal Ravens. With being a mid-table team, the London Royal Ravens odds to beat top teams will be unlikely, meaning if you bet on an upset and it comes through, you would have great returns. Please note, that predicting an upset is difficult, and will require time and effort.  Additionally, depending on the Call Of Duty Betting Site, utilising different aspects of the betting market like map handicaps and individual map based bets, could help boost the London Royal Ravens betting odds.

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