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The London Spitfire were established as a founding team of the Overwatch League. Based out of London, United Kingdom, they are one of the few teams representing European countries in the League. They are owned by Jack Etienne, who also has ownership of titan eSports organization Cloud9 Gaming. Their signature light blue and orange colorway is featured on their logo, an emblazoned military aircraft on a large badge.

London Spitfire Roster 2020

Their current roster features 4 active players. They are as follows:

  • Se “Bernar” Won Shin – Tank
  • Kim “Fuze” Tae-hoon – Support
  • Lim “Glister” Gil-seong – DPS
  • Lim “SanGuiNar” Kyu-min – Support

Despite losing a plethora of players at the beginning of the offseason, the Spitfire retained several of their heavyweight talents, such as Lim “Glister” Gil-seong. However, with the release of so many players as well as much of their coaching staff, the Spitfire are likely looking to do some serious rebuilding and restructuring around their remaining talent.

London Spitfire Accomplishments

As far as their past accomplishments, the London Spitfire are one of only 2 teams who have claimed the title of Overwatch League Grand Champions. In the inaugural season of the OWL, the Spitfire were the champions of the Stage 1 competition and the Grand Champions after advancing through the playoffs. Their victory was monumental at the time, and netted them $1 million in prize money. Anyone who bet on London Spitfire also made a good buck or two. Since their season 1 victory, the Spitfire have performed above average but haven’t seen the same level of success, and this could also be seen by their London Spitfire odds. In the 2019 season, they had the 7th best record in the League and 7th/8th overall finish in the playoffs. They had nearly the same result in the 2020 season, finishing 7th overall in the Asia Playoff bracket. By restructuring, the Spitfire likely hope to reclaim some of their season 1 success.

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