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The LA-based Guerrillas franchise will be hoping for a massive turn around in Season 2, and they have made the effort to achieve this by overhauling their roster. Last season, the Los Angeles Guerrillas finished 12th, which is the last place in the Call of Duty League (CDL). With a 5-15 series count, it was a miserable season for the players, franchise, and fans. However, there is already more promise for the 2021 season. 

Los Angeles Guerrillas Roster Overhaul

Making roster changes is the go-to decision when it comes to trying to improve a team in esports, and although sometimes it acts as a short term fix, in this case, the full roster change, should prove to be a successful move.  Other than one player that joined the team in February 2020, in the first half of Season 1, initially as a substitute and eventually became a starter, the LA Guerillas roster is a fresh look. 

  • Reece “Vivid” Drost (Player)
  • Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov (Player)
  • Adam “Assault” Apathy” (Player)
  • Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer (Player)
  • Martin “Chino” Chino (Substitute)
  • Billy “MentaL” Putnam (Substitute)
  • Richard “Ricky” Stacy (Assistant Coach & Substitute) 

This roster already looks much better, and will surely improve on the overall poor performances from last season. 

Los Angeles Guerrillas Achievements

There’s not an awful lot to write home about here, as you likely expected on the information that’s been provided. In all fairness, that year was the inaugural season and each franchise’s first appearance, so the history books don’t run that deep. However, that doesn’t excuse the constant issues and inconsistencies that were plaguing the LA Guerrillas performances.  In regards to the current season and Blacks Ops Cold War, they need to win the CheckMate Gaming Search and Destroy Kickoff tournament at the beginning of the game cycle. Whilst this is by no means anything major that gives highlights on what to expect this season, it’s most definitely a confidence booster for the team, knowing that they drastically needed to bring results to the franchise.  Additionally, at the Season 2 kick-off tournament, the Los Angeles Guerrillas faced off against Seattle Surge, who last season finished 11th. This was a battle of two franchised teams that had inaugural seasons to forget about but had made changes to help get them on the right path. LA Guerillas managed to clinch the series 3-2, which will again give further motivation and confidence to the roster. 

LA Guerrillas Betting Tips

At the beginning of the season, you can expect the Los Angeles Guerrillas betting odds to not be in their favour. This is no surprise, after finishing last in the previous season, no bookmakers are going to be expecting them to win this season. So when it comes to placing a bet on Los Angeles Guerillas, you need to keep in mind that for the opening weeks, they will be deemed the underdogs in essentially every match up. One plus side to this is that the LA Guerillas odds will offer good returns, however, that’s because the results are unlikely. We recommend watching as many games as possible, as well as tuning into practice results for the roster before placing your Call Of Duty bets

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