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The Los Angeles Valiant are another inaugural Overwatch League team based out of Los Angeles, California. As previously mentioned, their location has fostered an organic rivalry with the Los Angeles Gladiators, and homegrown fan bases have sprung up accordingly. The Valiant are owned by esports group Immortals Gaming Club, and they compete in the Pacific West Division. Their team colours are yellow and light blue, and their logo features a winged golden helmet.

Los Angeles Valiant Roster 2021

The current Valiant roster features 7 active members. They are as follows:

  • Johannes “Shax” Nielsen – DPS
  • Sanglok “Dreamer” Song – Tank
  • Lastro Jungwon “Lastro” Mun – Support
  • Jae Ho “RaiN” Park – Support
  • Kai “KSP” Collins – DPS
  • Adam “Adam” Soong – Tank
  • Brady “Agilities” Girardi – DPS

One notable addition to the Valiant roster is Agilities, who rejoined the team after playing as one of its founding members but later leaving to join the Toronto Defiant. Regaining an experienced player like Agilities means that the Valiant will have a strong core of veteran players along with Shax, Dreamer, and KSP. We predict that this roster upgrade will undoubtedly make the Valiant’s OWL betting odds more valuable. With the only OWL rookie joining the roster being Adam, the Valiant have several strong leaders and plenty of time to devote to practising and training him up into a strong team member.

Los Angeles Valiant Achievements

In the inaugural Overwatch League season, the Valiant had a serious shot at taking the top spot in the season playoffs. In fact, after finishing in 1st place at the Stage 4 Title Matches, some even favoured them to win it all. Unfortunately for them, they were knocked out short of the finish and took the 3rd/4th spot. However, they finished with the 2nd best overall record and an undoubtedly strong showing for the first season. In the 2019 season, the Valiant seemed to run into regular season woes, finishing with only the 13th best record overall. However, they came back strong in the playoffs and managed to upset several teams and again claim the 3rd/4th spot. In the OWL 2020 season, they hit a similar slump, finishing with the 8th overall record and making it to the 5th/6th spot in the playoffs. By recruiting Agilities back to the roster, the Valiant are making a statement about the upcoming OWL season. Look for them to try and reclaim some of their season 1 success, and if plan to delve into Overwatch gambling, be sure to keep an eye on the Valiant.

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