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When all twelve initial franchise teams were announced, it’s fair to say that the Minnesota ROKKR name and branding went down incredibly well with the vast majority of the Call Of Duty League community. They hit the nail on the head by creating a brand that directly applies to the local area and target market that they’ll be trying to reach to attend Home Series events.  The Minnesota ROKKR had a really positive start to the season, after being labelled as a mid-table team at best in many analysts and fans pre-season predictions. They had a great start during their own Launch Weekend and managed to lock in two 2nd place finishes in the first few weeks of action.  Unfortunately, this trend of success slowly started to drop off, and Minnesota ROKKR found themselves dropping from the top end of the table to becoming a mid-table team as expected prior to the beginning of the season. 

Minnesota ROKKR Roster Changes 2021

After such a positive start to the season, it was disappointing for Minnesota fans and neutrals to see the team start to slip and struggle. They went from being possible competitors that could cause upsets, to becoming an average team. The icing on the cake, in a negative way, was the 9th-10th place finish at the Call of Duty Championship last season. It’s because of this, and the format change to four versus four, that Minnesota have completely changed their roster. 

  • Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi (Player)
  • Dillon “Attach” Price (Player)
  • Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak (Player)
  • Preston “Priestahh” Greiner (Player)

It’s fair to say that this roster came as a surprise to many when it was announced. Each and every player has experienced success on the biggest Call of Duty stages and together have the potential to pose a real threat to the normal favourites. Something that the Minnesota team last year started, but couldn’t finish.  MajorManiak is coming off the back of an insanely good year with the Atlanta FaZe, and pretty much drew the short straw when it came to teams moving from five players to four. Priestahh is one of the most sought after and explosive players in Call of Duty, so any team with him has an edge. Throw these two together with Attach and Accuracy, two players that have built up considerable experience and major victories in the past few years, this new Minnesota ROKKR set up is dangerous. Things started well with a 3-2 win over Toronto Ultra in the Season 2 Kick-Off event.

Minnesota ROKKR Betting Tips

It’s expected that the Minnesota ROKKR betting odds will fluctuate heavily in the opening weeks of the league. Coming off a poor end to last year, despite roster changes, it’s likely that CoD gambling websites won’t see Minnesota as favourites to win and more as a mid-table team.  This means that when you get around to placing a bet on Minnesota ROKKR, the Call Of Duty betting odds might not offer the best returns. It’s worth watching games regularly and following the progress of the team at this point, to help determine the best matches to place bets on, and remember to take advantage of additional betting market opportunities to boost the Minnesota ROKKR odds.

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