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The New York Subliners, commonly known as “NYSL” were one of the first Call of Duty League franchise teams to be announced, and represents New York. The franchise is owned by Andbox, who also own the Overwatch League’s New York Excelsior, so it’s fair to say that the owners know what they’re doing. The New York Subliners struggled massively to get things clicking at the beginning of the 2020 season. They were consistently finding themselves in the bottom half of the standing, and it wasn’t until the second half of the season that they started to find a groove. This was largely due to the introduction of Mack to the team. Mack is deemed as one of the best upcoming Call of Duty players, who could help pave the way for upcoming talents in the scene.

New York Subliners Roster 2021

Outside of the new star Mack, the New York Subliners decided to go down a rebuilding route. This path was aided heavily by the switch to four versus four, as it meant one high calibre player was being released by the top teams, so there was more ability to build stronger rosters. Here’s how the New York Subliners will kick off the 2021 season.

  • Mackenzie “Mack” Kelley (Player)
  • James “Clayster” Eubanks (Player)
  • Conor “Diamondcon” Johst (Player)
  • Obaid “Asim” Asim (Player)
  • Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez (Substitute)

It’s arguable that NYSL got the best deal of the offseason. Picking up Clayster after his release from Dallas Empire, was an amazing piece of work. Keep in mind, Clayster was part of Dallas Empire, who won the CDL Championship last season, and was released purely because of the format change, not because of performances. This means that the New York Subliners have one of the oldest, most experienced and successful players in Call of Duty history to pair beside their upcoming, future star talent that is Mack. The roster was completed in an unusual way, with the rookie Diamondcon and another player who has broken through the past couple of years, Asim.

New York Subliners Past Achievements

As mentioned, despite having a slow start to the 2020 season, the introduction of Mack seemed to bring a breath of fresh air to the team. They managed to string together three consecutive 3rd-4th place finishes at Home Series events, before eventually winning their own Home Series in Week 11. The Call of Duty Championship in Season 1 ended as expected though, the New York Subliners finished 7th-8th and took home $175,000. Despite a 3-0 loss to Dallas Empire in the Season 2 Kick-Off event, we can expect NYSL to gradually improve throughout this season.

New York Subliners Betting Tips

If you want the best New York Subliners betting odds, then you are going to need to commit some time to follow the Call of Duty League to help make solid predictions. You can also keep an eye out for our Call Of League 2021 betting tips. They are being deemed a mid-table team coming into this season, so there will be a mix of CoD odds when you go to place a bet on New York Subliners. Actively following the esport, making use of extended betting markets like map handicaps, for example, will be the best way to help increase the return on the New York Subliners odds.

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