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The Paris Legion was possibly one of the least hyped up franchises coming into the inaugural season of the Call of Duty League. This is no fault of their own, for the longest time Call of Duty esports had been heavily tailored towards the North American region by the developers, which stumped progress elsewhere. So launching a franchise in Paris, was always going to come with its struggles. Outside of two positive results during the entire season, it was a turbulent back and forward experience for Paris Legion in the opening season of the franchised league. It’s because of this, they seemed to take a step back during the off-season to properly analyse how they wanted to move forward with the team.

Paris Legion Roster 2021

It was evident that big changes were on the way when Paris Legion released their entire roster from the 2020 season in September. At this point, it was obvious that they had opted for the entire rebuild approach, in an attempt to kickstart things in a more positive direction for season 2. The decision to go with established players that have shown the quality to perform at the highest level, along with the introduction of a rookie to the squad, was a risky move that could pay off for the team. Things couldn’t really get much worse than the 10th place finish last season. Here is the confirmed Paris Legion roster for season 2 of the Call of Duty League (CDL).

  • Ulysses “AquA” Silva (Player)
  • Nicholas “Classic” DiCostanzo (Player)
  • Luis “Fire” Rivera (Player)
  • Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall (Player)

Skrapz has become a fan favourite in recent years, and will likely help to increase the popularity of the Paris Legion brand, something that the team was lacking last season. With their newfound popularity, we expect to see more fans to bet on Call of Duty.

Past Achievements For Paris Legion

As you may have predicted from the 10th place team last season, there has been a lack of achievements. This is the same for everyone that didn’t manage to win a Home Series event last season. With the Call of Duty League only having completed one season, it’s difficult for these franchises to have developed history and past achievements. One major positive coming into season 2 is that Paris managed to kick things off with a win in the Kick-Off event. The win came against Skrapz’ old team London Royal Ravens, who had also made considerable roster changes, which was bound to be a motivating result moving into the first week of official league action.

Paris Legion Betting Tips

For the first few weeks, the Paris Legion betting odds will not be in their favour, as following the 10th place finish last season, they will be deemed, underdogs. The roster change doesn’t change much here, as none of the players would be classed as superstars, and until they pick up wins together, this will remain the same. A tip would be to hold off putting a bet on Paris Legion for the first couple of weeks, even though the CoD betting odds might be tempting. Let them establish themselves and gain an understanding of what fair Paris Legion odds would be. This will involve paying attention to the league and watching as many games as possible.

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