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The Toronto Defiant are a Canadian-based team who joined the OWL in 2019 along with several other international expansion teams. They are owned and operated out of Toronto, Canada. They were formerly owned by esports organization Splyce, but were sold to OverActive Media, who currently own them. Their team colours are black and red, and their logo features the stylized letters T and D combined. The Defiant are part of the Atlantic North Division.

Toronto Defiant Active Roster 2021

The Defiant currently have 6 players on their active roster. They are as follows:

  • Andreas “Logix” Berghmans – DPS
  • Adam “Beast” Denton – Tank
  • Park “Aztac” Jeong-su – Support
  • An “ANSOONJAE” Soon-jae – Support
  • Sumin “SADO” Kim – Tank
  • Heesu “Heesu” Jeong – DPS

Following the end of the 2020 season, the Defiant lost a slew of key players and veterans from their roster, and this plummeted their Overwatch League betting odds. Some of the biggest names to depart the Defiant were Agilities, Surefire, and Mangachu among others. Many of these players were core starters that made up the foundation of the Defiant’s roster. With so many players leaving, the Defiant definitely need to invest much of their time and resources into recruiting and rebuilding for the upcoming season.

Toronto Defiant Achievements

In the 2019 season, the Defiant got off to a rocky start. As one of the new teams in the league, they lacked some of the experience and chemistry that other established teams possessed. As a result, they finished with the 17th overall record for the season. However, they shocked many viewers by going on an impressive run in the playoffs, ultimately finishing for a tie of 5th-8th place after beating several higher-seeded teams. Needless to say, some bettors who believed in the Defiant cashed out on OW betting sites.

But after their impressive playoff run, their performance in the 2020 season was somewhat lackluster. They performed rather poorly throughout the season, finishing with the 15th place record overall, and going on to finish in a tie for 9th-11th place in the playoffs. Their highlight of the season came during the Summer Showdown, in which they battled through the bracket to finish in the contested 3rd/4th spot. For the Defiant to snap their cold streak, they are in need of some serious roster reshuffling.

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