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The Vancouver Titans, the final team on our list, joined the Overwatch League in its second season of operation. An expansion team, the Titans are based out of Vancouver, Canada and compete in the Western Division. The Titans are owned by Canucks Sports & Entertainment, the owners of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. The Titans signature colours are forest green and navy blue, and their logo features a snarling yeti’s face.

Vancouver Titans Roster 2021

The Vancouver Titan’s roster has 7 active players. They are as follows:

  • Dalton “Dalton” Bennyhoff – DPS
  • Abtin “ShRedLock” Shirvani – Tank
  • Randal “Roolf” Stark – Support
  • Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin – DPS
  • Nathan “frd” Goebel – Tank
  • Anthony “Fire” King – Support
  • Minki “Teru” Kim – DPS

Unfortunately for the Vancouver Titans, past offseasons have seen many veteran players depart their roster. In past years, players like Fissure, JJanu, and ryujehong have left the Titans to join other teams. To compensate for this, the Titans have picked up rookies like Teru and Fire, while also adding accomplished players like LiNkzr and frd. With a mix of veteran and inexperienced players, along with a host of new roster acquisitions, the Titans likely have a lot of adjusting to do in preparation of the next OWL season, making them an interesting team to watch out for if you like to gamble on the best Overwatch betting sites.

Vancouver Titans Achievements

In their first season of OWL competition, the Vancouver Titans looked to be the team to beat. For a long time, they seemed to be the only real competition to the San Francisco Shock. They battled it out over the midseason Stage Playoffs, with the Titans winning out in the Stage 1 Playoffs, and even finishing with the top overall record. However, the Shock proved to be too much to handle in the postseason playoffs, and Vancouver settled with the second-place finish. From here, the Titans looked poised to make a strong run into the 2020 season. In actuality, the exact opposite took place. After losing out on much of their star power, the Titans struggled to compete against teams they used to easily defeat. These defeats shacked the Titans’ OW betting odds, and what was considered a safe bet became a nightmare. They finished the season with the 18th overall regular-season record, and only managed to take the 12th/13th spot in the playoffs. With the Titans new roster addons, they are definitely looking to reclaim some of their former success heading into 2021.

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